Apple and Bose warranty covered at Solution Centre

Here at Solution Centre we are authorised to cover all Apple and Bose warranties.

Apple's Updated Warranty Process

At Solution Centre we are authorised to process all warranties on Apple devices including iPhones purchased from an Apple Authorised Reseller's within Zimbabwe.


We do have to order the replacement parts or unit from or value added distributor in South Africa so normal turnaround time from order is approximitley 7-10 working days. Some parts might take longer due to availability in South Africa of the part.

If you think that your device might be eligible for replacement under warranty please could you bring in the proof of purchase when dropping off your device for inspection.



Should you have any queries in connection with the warranty whether it be the period your device is covered or what is covered, please email us or click one of the links below to visit the manufacturer's website where you can view your product's warranty coverage.


For all your repairs and maintenance needs, please e-mail Technical Support or get in touch through the contact page.