HPE OC20 Small Office Wireless

Business-grade Wi-Fi made simple for small business with HPE OfficeConnect OC20

When you first opened your doors, you needed to get your small business online as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Your basic internet service plan probably included a wireless router that connected a few computers to the Internet. That simple setup was enough to get your employees communicating with clients and partners, and it supported your business well enough—at first.

But simply having an online presence, sending and receiving email, is no longer enough as you expand and compete in today’s mobile environment. Small business owners are increasingly using smart phones and tablets for business purposes, and beginning to embrace technologies like mobile, cloud and collaboration applications to increase business efficiency and customer engagement.

Small businesses and their employees need secure and reliable access to business apps at the highest speeds and quality possible, regardless of whether they are in their shop or working with a client, or which device they are using.

Recent studies show that 69% of small businesses that invest in technology are managing their costs better, and are more efficient and productive. 43% are using a smartphone as the primary device to run their operations and 65% are conducting back office work including bookkeeping and accounting with cloud-based apps.. According to BizTech magazine 67% of small businesses were using tablets by the end of 2016, compared 58% in 2015.

Small businesses need a fast, reliable and cost-effective business-grade wireless solution that can easily handle any business application and a growing number of mobile users, offers built-in security and is easy to set-up and manage.

The HPE OfficeConnect OC20 APs offers small businesses a fast, simple and business-grade Wi-Fi solution that is easy to set-up and manage without technical expertise. Using an intuitive mobile application customers can get their network up and running in less than two minutes and remotely monitor their network at a glance.  

OC20 delivers high performance and reliable connectivity to handle today’s business critical applications and a secure guest network with multiple authentication options including Facebook Wi-Fi log-ins. Built-in website filtering keeps the network protected from online threats. They include a 3 year warranty with 24x7 phone support for 90 days and online chat for the entire warranty period

OfficeConnect access points (APs) deliver high bandwidth to handle today’s mobile devices and business critical applications. They intelligently optimise wireless coverage and performance and minimise interference for a better user experience. With the OfficeConnect wireless solution you can:

  • Create secure employee and guest Wi-Fi networks in minutes
  • Offer easy onboarding for guests using social media log-in like Facebook Wi-Fi
  • Offer reliable connectivity to support business critical voice, video and cloud applications
  • Keep your business and customer traffic separate and highly secure
  • Set guidelines to protect your business from on-line threats and prevent access to objectionable content with customisable website filtering
  • Engage with customers and encourage them to stay longer

The OfficeConnect mobile app also lets you monitor and troubleshoot your network on the go. There’s a quick health dashboard that provides complete visibility into your network,

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