Equil Smart Pen


Equil captures your thoughts at your pace, transferring notes in real-time from any kind of paper – cocktail napkin to notebook – straight to your smart phone, tablet, or computer. With two complementary apps, Equil Note for writing and Equil Sketch for creative, Equil brings your hand written work seamlessly to the Cloud, making it accessible and editable any time, anywhere. Introducing the Equil Smartpen – the seamless way to digitize your thoughts.
Equil works on all devices, and it frees you from your notebook. Take notes or make sketches on any paper surface and quickly and easily push them to the cloud.
To find out more about the Equil Smartpen, visit or email us on and if you would like a demonstration on how it works please feel free to visit Solution Centre and speak to our sales team.


25 June 2014