Solution Centre in association with Econet Wireless

For more information you can visit the Econet website

Solution Centre in association with Econet Wireless
Solution Centre is now registered to issue on behalf of Econet:
  • Buddie lines and airtime
  • Sim replacements
  • Data bundles
  • EcoCash transactions
  • Econet Solar products

We receipt bill payments, take applications for contracts and Econet  promotions.



What is Ecocash?

EcoCash is an innovative mobile payment solution that enables Econet customers to complete simple financial transactions such as sending money to loved ones, buying prepaid airtime for yourself or other Econet subscribers and paying for goods and services.

Solution Centre's EcoCash Agent number is 46723

You can do the following with your EcoCash account:

  • Deposit money/Cash-In
  • Withdraw money/ Cash-Out
  • Transfer (send) money to registered EcoCash customers only
  • Buy Econet prepaid airtime, text, data bundles or pay a direct connect account for yourself and other Econet subscribers
  • Pay bills
  • Pay merchants for goods and services
  • Link your EcoCash to your bank account
  • Manage your EcoCash account: Change your PIN, Check current balance or Check your last five transactions

To transact on EcoCash you need to be registered. If you are already an Econet customer, visit any EcoCash authorised agent to complete and sign an application form. If you are not an Econet subscriber, you will have to purchase an Econet line and register at any authorised EcoCash agent. Registration takes about 3 minutes and you should take your cellphone and a photocopy of your ID plus the original. You cannot open an account on behalf of someone else.
Once registered dial *151*200# to access the EcoCash menu.


4 March 2014