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Living With Your Head in the iCloud

30 June 2011 | Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple unveiled iCloud at the World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco on 6th June 2011. Signaling Apple’s intentions in the race for control of the internet. Jobs was quoted as saying that “Some people think that the cloud is just a hard disk in the sky. We think it’s way more than that. And we... Read more

Apple Announces iOS 5 and Lion At the World Wide Developer Conference

16 June 2011 | Apple’s Steve Jobs recently took the stage at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco to deliver his keynote address to open the 2011 World Wide Developers Conference. In a break from the norm, the Apple co-founder did not announce any new hardware, but used his address to take the wraps off of three new software updates. For the iPhones, iPa... Read more

Apple’s All –in-one Desktop gets “Thunderbolted”

1 June 2011 | Those who have seen or used the iMac will agree that Apple has held the title of the most ergonomically designed desktop computer since it first released the All-in-One iMac G4 in January 2002.  The iMac has seen four major design changes since the “lamp stand” iMac G4, resulting in the current range of 21.5” and 27” gl... Read more