About Us

Solution Centre, the cutting edge destination for Zimbabwe's digital market.

Where have we come from?

Solution Centre was founded in Harare, Zimbabwe by Richard Kershaw, in 1997. The company was at the time, one of ten Apple Authorised Resellers, and has prevailed over all the opposition to remain as the Sole Authorised Apple Reseller in the Zimbabwean Market. Over the eight years of Solution Centre’s existence, it has firmly positioned itself as the dominant supplier of digital technology to Zimbabwe’s advertising, graphic design, and print/publishing industry, and is enjoying an ever increasing presence in the architectural design market as well as the home user market. Solution Centre was awarded the coveted Regional Africa Reseller of the Year Award in 1997, 1998 and 1999. It was the only times that this honor had been bestowed on a Zimbabwean company and highlights the important impact Solution Centre has made on the local market.

What do we do?

From the company’s inception, it has had a very clear view of what it intended to offer and how it was to be positioned in the market place, as articulated in its Vision Statement:

“To make Solution Centre the cutting edge destination for the digital generation in our market.” 

This vision has become reality in the local market and the company will continue to pursue this vision in the region.

Apple Macintosh

Central to the achievement of the company’s vision is Apple Mac and its wide-ranging hardware and software product offerings. Apple is often referred to as the world’s most innovative computer company, and enjoys a monopoly on the world’s creative content industry as far as hardware and software products go. Apple creates, designs, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of computers, from Mac Minis to Six Core processor Mac Pros and Xserves used in the production of much of today’s audio and visual content available on the web and TV stations. Apple is also the creator of Final Cut, the global standard in Video Editing; Logic Pro the standard in Sound Editing Software; Shake, one of the leading products in the Computer Generated Animation industry. Apple continues to innovate in the information technology field having pioneered the Airport Wireless Technology currently being adopted by many of the world’s leading computer companies, and having revolutionized the music industry with its portable iPod music players and iTunes online store.

Solution Centre has retained its position of being the only Apple Authorised Service Provider in Zimbabwe. This title requires that the company employs at least three Apple Certified Technicians and that these certifications are continuously retaken to ensure that they keep abreast of innovations and trends.

Our company infrastructure can be broken down into four sections:

  • Retail – Hardware | Software | Consumables (Disks, Inks, Paper etc)
  • Support – Hardware repairs and maintenance | Software troubleshooting
  • Consultancy – Digital Printing workflows Digital | Video Editing
  • Education – Offer specific advice on the cross-curricular and embedded use of digital creativity in schools.


Solution Centre has been awarded Authorised Reseller status for Zimbabwe for Canon’s high-end digital imaging solutions which incorporate Digital Photography, Ink and Laser printers and copiers, Scanners, Digital Projectors, and large format plotters. The relationship with Canon is a very close one and has spanned a number of years. Solution Centre imports and supports the product itself eradicating the need for any third party involvement in the provision of working solutions. Solution Centre is currently working on certifying itself as the only repair centre for Canon Digital Photographic equipment in Southern Africa outside of South Africa.

Macromedia and Adobe

To round off its offering to the creative content industry, Solution Centre is the appointed distributor of the recently merged Adobe and Macromedia software giant Adobe Systems Incorporated, that owns industry leading software titles such as Freehand, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, and Dreamweaver to name just a few.

Other Services

In addition to the products and services mentioned above, Solution Centre offers numerous other services to its clients, including but not limited to the printing consumables, the supply and servicing of GCC printers, and the supply and sourcing of all hardware and software requirements of the creative content industry.

Meeting the demands of a large customer base is never easy but our company philosophy is to keep product availability a priority.  In addition, our technical knowledge is world class.

Trade References

Solution Centre’s client base includes :

Several governmental departments, Financial institutions and most of the advertising agencies in operation in Zimbabwe including the following:

Daily News Office of the Prime Minister R&B Communications
Econet Wireless Dicomm Advertising RBZ
Imagio (MHY&R) CBZ Graphic Age
Presidents Office Media Associtates IDBZ
Gary Thompson & Associates Ministry of Finance Nextpage Concepts
Ministry of Information Visual Comms & Design ZBC
Adrenalin Advertising City of Harare Think Tank Advertising
Police Printers Precious Innovations Ministry of Education
Enopat Advertising /td> Deloitte and Touche Ministry of ICT

Numerous sound and video editing studios:

Eyes & Ears Mighty Movies Media for Development
UZ Audio & Visual Teaching Unit Nyerai Films Ideas At Work
Zim Media Grammar Records Last Power Media
Zimbabwe Music Corporation Shamiso Entertainment Life Lines
Savannah Music Centre Tuku Music Precise Film & Video

Schools and education institutions:

  • Eaglesvale school
  • Mt Mellery Prim. School – Nyanga
  • School of social works – UZ
  • Dept. of Institute of Mining – UZ
  • Harare Int School

Several commercial organizations and individuals have also converted their operations to Apple Macintosh computers because of the robustness of the machines and the fact that they are not virus and spyware susceptible.

Terms of Trade

Solution Centre (Pvt) Ltd does not operate any debtor accounts and maintains a purely cash on delivery basis.


Solution Centre is located at and operates from 118 Enterprise Road, Highlands, Harare. Our telephone numbers are +263 8677 005 118 or +263 8677 005 119 and our email address is sales@solutioncentre.co.zw or salesbyo@solutioncentre.co.zw for our Bulawayo branch.

Founded in 1997 in Harare, Zimbabwe, Solution Centre has had a very clear view of what it intended to offer and how it was to be positioned in the market place, as articulated in its Vision Statement:

“To make Solution Centre the cutting edge destination for the digital generation in our market.”

This vision has become reality in the local market and the company will continue to pursue this vision in the region.


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